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WorldWideScan (WWS) is the first in class leading community of online IT enterprise companies and products reviewers. The community helps clients find the right company and product for their needs. WWS' objective is to make the web a better place for IT users by allowing them to share their feedback and view what other individuals think. IT organizations, products and services are exponentially growing in today’s world.

We want to make your life less demanding and help you discover better and more astute products. We are a company free from pressure of big brands and lobbyist attempting to push a specific product or a knowledge of their version of the truth. We want you to discover and listen to every voice about the products, the good, the bad and the ugly because you deserve to know as much as possible before you put up your money into it.

So you might ask how do we provide this service? We have developed a very intuitive, easy to use company dashboard for company registration and share the information about the company and products. We also crawl the web for all applicable data we can discover about all different companies and products we can find, we know it's a driven and monotonous project however that's why we want to do it for you so you can sit back and relax and find the information in one place instead of going to millions of places. All of the sites we crawl we do a manual review on to make sure it's up to our quality standards.

If you feel that we are missing some quality information please send us an email with what source you think we should add.

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